We suspect that SIG is developing this MRDS to directly compete with the Trijicon RMR HRS and DeltaPoint Pro in government contracts. Quick view Compare. They appear to be intended to be used with suppressor height sights which explains the taller front sight on the display pistol. CMG West, LLC My understanding is that the milling is different for all three so I would need to pick one without getting into adapter plates. [SHOT Show 2017] Lantac Spada M Handguard, The SNAP - a Survival Tool from Norseman-TOPS. SIG Sauer Romeo 1 Pros. It has an integrated rear sight to co-witness with a front suppressor-height sight,” said SIG Sauer’s John Nichols. SOR1P100, $479.99) has an upgraded emitter for superior brightness and better battery life.The P320 X-Five Legion optics-ready slide allows for the Romeo1 Pro to mount directly to the slide with no adapter plate needed. The SIG Sauer XCompact is currently shipping to dealers. Here are some of the features I like about the Romeo 1: 1) Field of view is huge and glass is crystal clear. Spoke with Sig CS a few days ago regarding the Romeo1. You simply remove the plate and mount the red dot with the supplied screws. Save my name & email in this browser for the next time I comment. Now mountable on any pistol with a Sig slide cut, Romeo 1 Pro is lower profile and more stable than ever before. The Romeo 1 Pro looks to be an upgrade over the older Romeo 1 optic and appears to address a couple of common complaints about the older design. Sig Romeo1 Mounting Kit Keymod 1-Piece Style. With the mounting system on the Sig designed for the Romeo, it made my choice that much easier. We suspect that SIG is developing this MRDS to directly compete with the Trijicon RMR HRS and DeltaPoint Pro in government contracts. The biggest improvement for me is the upgraded finish – it seems far more robust. Sig Romeo 5 and a Romeo 4, as they represent a lower cost, and a mid range price. The Romeo 1 Pro is definitely better than the original Romeo 1. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. SIG ROMEO 1 PRO OPTIC 3MOA PROGRAM ONLY; Sale! Can't seem to find any information on the net. Aimpoint T2 and a PRO Holosun, a popular budget option, and their "military grade" equivalent Last a Vortex SPARC I would love to see the results of that test. Good article. FEATURES: - SpectraCoat™ HD Polymer Lens with 10 times the … Sig Sauer SOR1P101. Auto's en Co B.V. Duiven. $549.99 $419.89. © 2020 Recoil Magazine Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! We spoke to SIG's Pistol Product Manager, Phil Strader, about the new optics and were told that the old Romeo 1 slide cut was being phased out in favor of the new DeltaPoint Pro cut that will accommodate the two new optics on display. SIG P320 XCompact, Upcoming SIG Romeo 1 Pro & Romeo 2 | SHOT 2019 | RECOIL It makes me wonder if Sig will still make and support the original Romeo 1 for those of us that have it. Man, these reflex red dots are just getting bigger and bulkier which makes them even tougher to use in EDC / concealed carry configurations. So far, the SIG Sauer Romeo 1 Mini Reflex Optic has really impressed me with its accuracy and glass clarity. 2 models Sig Sauer Romeo3XL 1x35mm Red Dot Sight (1) As Low As (Save Up to 35%) $510.00 Free 2 Day Shipping 3 models Sig Sauer Romeo 1 Pro 1 x30mm Red Dot Sight (18) As Low As (Save Up to 31%) $360.00 Instant Savings (Check our Current Deals page for more ammo deals - including bulk ammo), Get 5% off all Creedmoor brand ammo with code CREEDMOOR5. The sight in tool that comes with it will definitely make it into my range tool pouch. Optic Review: Aimpoint Acro, SIG Sauer Romeo1 Pro and Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sights. Also found this snippet interesting: I would not take that statement very seriously. 20. Your email address will not be published. Best I can tell is the Romeo1T is a beefed up Romeo1 and the Romeo2 is an all new design. Enjoy Extended Returns thru Feb 01, 2021! ROMEO1PRO UPGRADED FEATURES: “6061 Aluminium Housing, IPX-7 Waterproof “Designed for Romeo1PRO/DeltaPoint Pro Mounting Screw footprint “FDE and Black in 3 or 6 MOA “Ships with steel shroud The fit and look is enhanced over the Leupol DPP, at least on the Legion X5. There is an obvious downside to the giant booth, some of the unreleased gems get overlooked. Sig Romeo 1 Pro, 1x30mm Red Dot, 6 MOA, Black. Another complaint often heard about the original Romeo 1 is that the frame around the window isn't robust enough. The magazine capacity of the XCompact is 15-rounds of 9mm. They make my Sigs into tack drivers with Hornady 115 XTPs. Swampfox Sentinel vs RomeoZero vs Shield SMS2 Red Dot Showdown on the bench today. BEWAAR. The SIG Romeo1 Pro, in short, improves nearly everything about the previous generation SIG Romeo1. New point-source emitter provides exceptional brightness with 12 settings (10 Daytime/2 NV), and 20,000+ hours of runtime MOTAC™ (Motion Activated Illumination System) that powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not SIG had quietly displayed some examples of the coming pistol optics in some display cubes in an easily overlooked area of their booth. SIG also appears to be slowly phasing out the use of the original P320 grip on newly introduced models, instead favoring the X Series grip. The Romeo1 Pro (MSRP: $519.99) is dimensionally identical to the Romeo1, with the exception of a slight (maybe 1/64-inch) extension on the lower front end. 1 year ago I'm having just the opposite, I got the RX because I have questionable eyesight. I consider the Romeo a range, target 2 gun type RDS. Probably the most interesting feature of the slide is the optics cut. All other standard return policy conditions apply.. Close Every year SIG's product lines grow causing their already impressive booth to grow to tie Vista Outdoor for the largest on the floor. “It’s got a toolless battery tray, so basically push this rear button in the back and the battery tray will pop out under spring tension. It wasn't zeroed, and despite 5 of 17 on the bullseye at 10 yards without it I can't even get a reliable zero with the damn Romeo. Before we show you the hidden treasure, let's go over the new P320 XCompact. That is not the case with the new Pro model. $109.99 $79.99. JavaScript is disabled. Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 JTS Collezione Leder Clima Bose Cruise 17" Pdc Afn trekhaak NL Auto NAP Apk 09-2021 € 3.950 2006. As someone who likes to take lots of photographs of their gear, I appreciate that the optic no longer looks “abused” after just a handful of uses. Interestingly, the Romeo 2 had some sights built into the rear of the MRDS body that had white dots but were non-adjustable. The three I'm looking at are the Swampfox Optics Sentinel, the Sig Sauer RomeoZero and the Shield Sights SMS2. But my questions is will the older model called Romeo 1 still have the same bolt up size pattern as the newer Romeo 1 Pro model ? The new Romeo 1 Pro appears to add a large rear sight to the body of the dot. Looks like the Romeo2 is being positioned as a direct competitor to the RMR and Deltapoint Pro, as Sig's most robust duty-grade pistol RDS. The Romeo 1Pro has co-witness rear site groves cut into it, easily co-witness the front sight, dial your 1 moa adjustments to just above the front site and you should be on paper for your first sight to sight the site in. We have seen consumers complain that the rear notch on the current Romeo 1 isn't rear sight like enough and they were unhappy that they couldn't use a more traditional back up rear sight. Then I see a model listed as Romeo 1 Pro. While past optics ready pistols have been limited to the Romeo 1, the XCompact sports the new Romeo 1 PRO cut that is compatible with the new Romeo 1 Pro, upcoming Romeo 2, and the well proven Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Firearms & Survivalists Lifestyle Quick view Compare. The upside to the huge booth is they have just about every product they make on display for show-goers to look at and touch. The original Romeo 1 has a 3 MOA dot, which is often considered a good all-around size. Reactions: snakyjake. You know that Romeo 1 Pro and Romeo 2 we mentioned? SIG P320 XCompact, Upcoming SIG Romeo 1 Pro & Romeo 2 | SHOT 2019 | RECOIL, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. What are the differences between Romeo 1, Romeo 1T, Romeo 2 ? Required fields are marked *. 179.517 km. All rights reserved. Its aircraft grade aluminum housing ensures corrosion resistance under the harshest environments, and a new upgraded point-source emitter provides increased brightness in day or night conditions with 12 brightness settings. Your email address will not be published. Olight Baldr Pro 1350 Lumens Tactical Flashlight,with Green Light and White LED,Compatible with 1913 or GL Rail, Powered by 2 CR123A Batteries,with SKYBEN Battery Box (Black) 4.8 out of 5 stars 501 Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your inbox. Designed for fast, responsive target acquisition and accuracy, the Romeo1Pro miniature open-reflex red dot sight was engineered to withstand the punishment of harsh environments. That is pure opinion. Romeo 1 is ehhh. The super beefy hood reminds us quite a lot of the DeltaPoint Pro and should provide a ton of protection for the window. With an MSRP of $449.99, the ROMEO1PRO definitely stands at the top of the red dot market. Interestingly, the Romeo 2 had some sights built into the rear of the MRDS body that had white dots but were non-adjustable. People like Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics have shown in testing that the window of the optic can shatter when dropped or take an impact to the hood of the optic body. RoMeo V2[R3]is an All-in-One Arduino compatible microcontroller especially designed for robotics applications from DFRobot. First up is the Romeo 2, a ruggedized version of the Romeo 1 Pro. In tests, each quarter turn of the turret (six hashes) resulted in a 1.6" shift in the point of impact at 25 yds. by Jay Grazio - Monday, March 2, 2020 Out of Stock, Taking Backorders. Check out the SIG website for more information. Sat until this week when it warmed up (wisconsin) and shot 600 rounds and it dropped zero a foot. SIG ROMEO 1 PRO OPTIC 3MOA PROGRAM ONLY $ 371.16 $ 295.00. ROMEO ZERO is Compatible With: - Direct mount to ROMEOZero - Shield RMS-c footprint - J-Point footprint *Please note, this product is not compatible with slides cut to accept a standard ROMEO1. Benzine Handgeschakeld Coupe 122 kW (166 PK) Historierapport Kilometerstand gecontroleerd. 0316-201822 Meer info. Looking at a model Romeo 1 which I believe is a older model . During the course of conversation I inquired when the updated Romeo1 would be available. I am worried I will break it I got the X Carry for $600 and Romeo 1 for $200 from Quantico Tactical. SIG P320 XCompact, Upcoming SIG Romeo 1 Pro & Romeo 2 | SHOT 2019. First up is the Romeo 2, a ruggedized version of the Romeo 1 Pro. They will not phase it out. First up is the SIG Romeo1 Pro in 3 MOA. Alfa Romeo GT 1.9 JTD Imola leer clima navi 17inc mooie auto Adjustments to the Romeo1’s turrets are made via a small flathead screwdriver. We were not made aware of any calibers being added beyond 9mm. This article has some good views: I hope they fix the R1 reliability. Sig Romeo 1 Pro, 1x30mm Red Dot, 6 MOA, Flat Dark Earth. SIG ROMEO 2 Details “This ROMEO 2 will have 15 brightness settings. A forum community dedicated to SIG Sauer Pistols and SIG Sauer Rifles owners and enthusiasts. Learn more about SIG Sauer on the SIG Sauer website. I found the bigger dot of the new 6 MOA version to be a bit faster and easier to spot. I had one go 250 rounds, after 8 weeks got replaced. POD-150806, Home » News » Events » Shows » SHOT Show 2019 » SIG P320 XCompact, Upcoming SIG Romeo 1 Pro & Romeo 2 | SHOT 2019. All rights reserved. Like the current Romeo1, the R2 appears to have a rear sight notch engineered into the body of the optic itself that would cowitness with a suppressor-height front post, so you wouldn't necessarily need a standalone rear iron sight. The company’s Romeo reflex sight line is the latest to get a workover; for those who favor a rugged yet practical red-dot option for their pistol this is good news. It appears to be a newer model that have more functions. M. Since they haven't been officially released Strader didn't have any specs on hand but did let us get behind the glass and take some close up photos. Get the Remeo 1 Pro, wait for the Romeo 2 or mount the Romeo 3. Would buy again. Save Share. Reply. It appears that this part has also been beefed up but not quite to the extent that the Romeo 2's body has been ruggedized. With the Romeo 2 delayed to an unknown time what does the brain trust think. Does anybody know any information about these two particularly the Romeo 2? The military now uses the standard grip along with hundrends of Police Departments. 2) I have had no issues with the battery life, in fact it has the MOTAC technology which shuts down the optic after 2 minutes and the it immediately powers up illumination when it senses motion. The dot and overall sight picture is really easy on the eyes and sized just right. You still get that great trigger feel with positive reset and the modular chassis giving you the ability to configure the pistol for just about any mission or role you have. Introduction. We are told that the Sub-Compact P320 has been discontinued and the new 3.6-inch barreled slide will be the new super short option in the SIG P320 line. The ROMEO1PRO gives the shooter all of the features of the original ROMEO1 while adding some new, very well done, features of its own. The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle, © 2020 Recoil Magazine Current Sig Sauer handguns with a PRO slide cut (rev2) include the P320 XFIVE Legion, P320-M17, P320 XFULL, P320 XCARRY, P320 XCOMPACT, and P320 XVTAC. With the introduction of the Romeo1 Pro, I was curious to see if they could improve on that design. Out of Stock. The front sight is one of SIG's excellent Xray3 night sights paired with an all black SIGLITE rear sight plate that has two tritium vials tucked into the rear sight. TEN: Publishing Media, LLC I'm taking a look at three of the micro red dot offerings available to fit small pistols. When SIG introduced their Romeo1 miniature reflex sight, I thought it was one of the most effective and user-friendly red dots I’d seen. You have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought after Oct 19, 2020. If I didn’t get such a deal on the Romeo 1 I would have got a Delta Point. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We took the gun apart and noticed that in addition to the flat X Series trigger, the internals look identical to other pistols in the line. The Romeo1 Pro (No. To fit on my P320 X compact . Sig Romeo3 Max and Xl Mount Co-Witness. He said it will be labeled as Romeo1 T and the availability will be "shortly"! The ROMEO1PRO brings a new level of durability and performance to the miniature open-reflex red dot sight. The dot is much clearer at higher brightness settings than before. I have my two Romeo 1Pros sighted in at 35 yards.