Liverpool Football Club has been commended today by the Premier League and the FA for continuing to adhere to social distancing rules and not celebrating any league goals whatsoever since lockdown. Cars are parked two meters apart before patrons are guided to their own platformed private viewing areas, while food and drink can be ordered beforehand or … 27 September 2020, 7:52 am. Liverpool have released a statement in response to claims by the city's mayor that fans would not respect social distancing if the Reds won the … Distancing is enforced on arrival. Lockdown Forever: Vaccine Won’t Mean End to Social Distancing, Says UK Govt Doctor 3,270 Ian Forsyth/Getty Images. Liverpool have condemned claims from the city’s mayor suggesting the club’s fans will break social distancing measures in the event of securing the Premier League title. Posted by Gareth Icke Posted on 27 June 2020 Liverpool fans behaviour ignoring social distancing in title celebrations condemned by club and city authorities – football used to be the working class game, but now it’s The System’s. If you’re considering flying (or need to) any time soon, the airline you choose will almost certainly have a big impact on the social distancing involved in your flight. But while most of us have been following the rules, a minority of Brits have been ignoring the government guidelines on social distancing and still meeting with their friends and congregating outside. With further guidelines issued to clubs recently regarding the behaviour of players on TV, particularly when celebrating goals, the Liverpool team have received special Liverpool 'feel insulted' over fears their fans will break social-distancing rules to celebrate Premier League title and will use 'direct messages from Jurgen Klopp and star players' to … It comes as Liverpool have won the Premier League for the first time in 30 years. Liverpool Crowd Flouts Social Distancing Rules as 10pm Curfew Passes. The deputy chief medical officer for England has warned that even for those who have been vaccinated, social distancing measures will likely remain in place for months. Crowds of people were seen gathering in the city center of Liverpool, England, on September 26, after the United Kingdom’s 10 pm curfew came into effect. Kurt Zindulka 1 Jan 2021. Liverpool fans ignored social distancing rules to gather outside Anfield in celebration of their team's first English title in 30 years on Thursday.